"We Don't Build to a Price,
We Build to a Commitment"

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The "Reeler" a unique and innovative reel made in the U.S.A. with over 90% US content.

The value of the Reeler becomes aparent on the very first dive.
Your now able to focus on your dive intead of your reel. Just hold and wind in while looking around and enjoying your dive. The reel tends the line so you don't have to. Our revolutionary shift in reel design makes using a reel easier than ever before.

No more tangles even with slack line.
No more bird nests.
No more uneven line build up.
No more hassles.

Tangles and line tending are eliminated due to our patented line leveling & tensioning system. Together these systems allow 67% more line to be placed on the spool.


"I love the reel. It's now the only reel I carry "
Joe Porter
Editor / Publisher Wreck Diving Magazine

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